Fantastic Bronze Spitting Frog Fountains

Playful Pond: Spitting Frog Bronze Garden StatueFrogs are one of the more interesting members of the animal kingdom. They spend a fair part of their lives as aquatic creatures, hop and jump instead of walk, make interesting sounds, and can come in a beautiful array of colors. They are also innocuous, friendly animals to have near the house especially because the tadpoles eat the larvae of mosquitos and other biting bugs. As decor, they also make a pleasant, fun addition to the edges of backyard ponds, pools, and fountains.

Bronze garden frogs in particular make a wonderful addition to the backyard, especially when they also act as fountains on their own. The Lily Pad Frog is a cute, solid bronze animal yard statue that depicts one of those long-limbed amphibians hoisting a lily pad high over its head to show that frogs have just as much strength in their upper body as they do in their legs.

The Playful Pond Spitting Frog Bronze Statue is a beautiful, solid bronze statue that is 16 inches wide. It shows the same striped pattern on the legs as a live Leopard Frog and recycles water back into your fountain or pond in a long stream that issues forth from its mouth. Pair that realistic frog statue with the Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Bronze Garden Statue for a fun amphibian sculpture in a much more relaxed pose.

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