Father's Day Sale on Garden Statuary and Everything Else Starts Today

Country Tuscan Style Hardwood Wall CurioFather's Day may be a couple weeks away but the time to start shopping for dad is now. Design Toscano makes it easy to save on Father's Day gifts with a sale that rewards you with bigger discounts for bigger purchases. For example, get him the Country Tuscan Style Hardwood Wall Curio for $99.95 and you also get $10 off when ordering it from today until June 8th. However, get dad the beautiful Sixteenth Century Italian Replica Globe Bar for $189 and you get $20 off. Get him both of these excellent gifts and you get a $50 discount. That's right, the more you buy, the bigger the discount with the biggest savings being $100 on purchases of $400 or more.

When you think about it, getting $100 off of something that costs $400 is a pretty sizeable discount! It makes it more affordable to buy your father one or more unique, amazing objets d'art exclusive to Design Toscano while also buying a few choice Egyptian tables for yourself. With a sale like this, it's worth it to think ahead and not just buy an amazing git for dad, but to also buy items for yourself, and even loved ones with birthdays a few months from now.

Get tiered discounts on everything at Design Toscano from today until Friday, June 8th!

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