Fine, Fun, Gnome Resin Garden Statues

Plowing Pete on His Tractor Garden Gnome StatueThe gnome statue has become a popular mainstay of modern garden decor. These little creatures tend to be much more cheerful than fairies and pixies, and most are downright jolly. They also add cheer to the garden with brightly-colored clothes, are right at home in any backyard, and do a variety of garden chores with typical, easy-going, gnomish flair.

Plowing Pete is a gnome who loves to use a tractor for garden work. Although he might spend more time just relaxing on the tractor than actually doing any work, he takes care of the mushroom patch with a good-natured smile.

While some gnomes are taking care of the garden, others are taking a well-earned nap after reading a good book. Snoozing Booker the Garden Gnome happily dreams away the afternoon while relaxing under a spotted mushroom.

Whether actually weeding the garden or just taking a snooze, all of that hard work makes for a very dirty gnome at the end of the day. Tubby the Bathing Gnome washes off the dirt at the end of a long day by taking his bath in a barrel below a handy garden faucet.

Add some good cheer to your garden with these fun gnome statues and the best in high quality garden statuary from Design Toscano.


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