Fine Gothic Décor in the Form of Iron Door Knockers

Vecchio Greenman Authentic Iron Door KnockerThere are so many types of Gothic decorations that folks who don't particularly like gargoyle figurines may be enthralled by other Gothic-inspired items. One such item is the door knocker. Invented long before the appearance of the doorbell, heavy iron knockers were needed to make an audible knock on the thick front door of castles and large manors. As with many functional items, they lent themselves to the imagination of artists and took on the form of everything from stern faces to roaring lions.

The Vecchio Greenman Authentic Iron Door Knocker is one such item. With piercing eyes and leafy hair, don't be too surprised if your guests are hesitant to grasp the large iron ring knocker clenched in the greeman's teeth! If you don't have a door strong enough to support this replica of a door knocker from a Tuscan estate, it also makes for a unique towel holder.

A less intimidating knocker suitable for most doors is found with the Winthrop Manor Greeman Door Knocker. Crafted with foundry iron and modeled after a 19th century Victorian piece, the Winthrop door knocker gives a distinguished welcome to all of your guests.

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