Framed Art for an African-Themed Room

Africa is a huge continent filled with a multitude of interesting cultures (many of them thousands of years old) and amazing megafauna. Adventure abounds and there are fantastic sights to behold in many of the African countries. Ernest Hemmingway was enthralled with Africa and spent some years there as a big Makulu Replica Printgame guide. Many an international tourist hopes to experience the wild plains of the Serengeti at least once during their lives and with such exotic colorful appeal, it's easy to see why Africa is also an excellent theme for decorating.

In the garden, outdoor elephant statues are essentials for any African theme. They conjure up images of gray behemoths marching across dusty African plains as lions roar in the distance and herds of Wildebeest and Zebras graze the savanna grasses. Off to the side, a Meerkat statue or two can be included to further authenticate and solidify that African feeling. Inside the home, there are also plenty of decorations that can be employed to pay homage to Africa. In addition to Egyptian decorations, the Makulu replica print in particular is one of the most evocative and beautiful, framed, African-themed works of art. The depiction of a mother giraffe kissing the head of her baby is absolutely priceless by merit of the naturally artistic poses the giraffes make and the endearing subject matter.

In addition to outdoor animal statues, heighten your African theme with framed paintings. Framed works of art are 25% off from February 22nd to February 27th!

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