From Basil Street to Gargoyle Gifts

Westminster, the Iron Desk GargoyleThere are so many great things in our Basil Street Gallery that it might take a lifetime to discover them all.  We have all the décor themes from medieval to contemporary and some that just can’t be categorized.  For those many fans of our fairy statues, we have a wonderful set of glass panels that show the garden fairies in marvelous splendor.  The Secret Garden Fairies Hand Painted Glass Art Panels: Harmony and Simplicity are unusual stained glass window hangings depicting the fairies under gorgeous flowers.  Simplicity carries a bouquet and Harmony is wrapped with a garland of flowers.  They are sold separately or as a set.

There are times that you want to give a useful gift, but also something people don’t see every day.  Nothing is more useful than a pencil and pen holder for a desk even in this computer age.  Westminster, the Iron Desk Gargoyle is certainly not something you see every day.  He is a winged gargoyle wearing chains and a rather nasty expression who holds pens and pencils.  Done in foundry iron, he is a good value for price and great for your boss.

The Design Toscano tiger sculpture is well sculpted and always done in wonderful hand painting.  When thinking of a tiger sculpture might think of the tiger prowling your yard, but you can bring this same great sculpture indoors with the Solitary Predator Bengal Tiger Sculptural Bust.  Here we have the same detailed, hand painted tiger sculpture as bust of the head of the Bengal Tiger. 

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