From Hedgehogs to an Eagle and a Camel

Hyper Hedgehogs Garden StatueThere are so many fun and interesting sculptures that can be placed in your flower garden and around your hedges to give them a spark of life.  Of course, our gnomes, frogs and hand painted tiger sculpture all are great choices, but how about some hedgehogs for your hedges.  We have a great Hyper Hedgehogs Garden Statue.  These two adorable hedgehogs are sculpted with prickly furry backs and they are just rolling around together.

Our Basil Street Gallery is not to be missed because there is gallery quality art in this section for every part of your home.  The Rising Eagle Native American Wall Sculpture is a foot high and is a detailed sculpture of a Native American warrior rising above a strong eagle with its wings extended.  The artist’s intention was to show the spirit of the warrior and the strength of an eagle in this wonderfully hand painted wall piece.

The theme of Ancient Egypt is one that is not always seen in furniture, yet Design Toscano has a wide selection of Egyptian tables to choose from if this is your interest.  A very popular piece is The Kasbah Camel Sculptural Side Table which is 16” tall and is a finely detailed sculpture of a camel with a saddle ready to carry goods into the desert.  He’s also ready for your drinks or snacks.

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