From Small to Big Garden Statues

Mystic Wanderer Garden Gnome StatueWe have every type of statue that you could want for a yard or even an estate.  Everyone knows though that you need to have a gnome to make your space complete and we have gnomes.  The garden statues gnomes range from the magical Mystic Warrior Garden Gnome Statue who has the wild look of a wizard in the snow to Sammy the Swinging Gnome Statue a happy guy just enjoying a nice summer swing in the shade of a tree.  The most fun statue is the Garden Gnome's Toadhouse Statue with a gnome on a bridge that covers a little hidey hole for the things that crawl or hop into your yard.

If you have a large area and you're not afraid he'll step on your gnomes, you should check the Big Foot garden statue.  This Yeti statue will cause a stir when people start seeing him in your yard.  Another great addition is the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture who just peeks around your tree to see if all is well in your garden.

St. Michael Archangel statueTo go from the small to the big to the sublime, we have marble busts for sale.  At great prices you can get the St. Michael Archangel statue, the Madonna of the Harpies and many more marble busts and statues for sale.

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