Fun Duck Garden Statuary

Duck, Duck, Goose Diving Bird StatueDucks have been popular additions to ponds and Victorian gardens for centuries. Easily tamed and sporting beautiful plumage, waterfowl seem to complete the already bucolic and relaxing scenery of a quiet body of water. However, if you have a pond that is large enough to host a few ducks or even a swan, consider yourself to be very lucky because most of us just don't have backyard ponds that are big enough to host a family of ducks. Nevertheless, no matter how big or small your garden pond is, you can still bring ducks into the backyard with statuary that depicts these water birds.

Get the Delightful Dancing Ducks Welcome Sign to welcome guests with one of the funniest, most adorable welcome statues around. This trio of happy ducks seem to be giving their own avian version of a chorus line as they kick their webbed feet into the air and spread their wings. Put this wonderful garden statue by the front or back door to give all of your guests a good-natured welcome.

A good sculpture to combine with that dancing trio of ducks is the Duck, Duck, Goose Diving Bird Statue. This unique statue adds humor to the garden by showing the back end of a white duck as it submerges its front half under the water in search of food.

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