Functional Greenmen Sculptures

Odin Treestump sculptureGreenmen statues are an interesting and unique addition to the backyard. Since they act as wall decor or as sculptures that work with their natural surroundings, they can be used with most decorating themes. However, although greenmen are often referred to as being magical, enchanting, or inspirational, they aren't usually viewed as being functional sculptures because most don't seem to be capable of doing much more than decorating a wall or tree. Nevertheless, there is more than one type of functional greenman sculpture, one of the most striking being the Odin Treestump sculpture. This wonderful, creative greenman pays homage to the Ents of Tolkien fame and other tales that speak of walking, talking tree giants in the form of a resin garden statue that looks like an old treestump with a wizened face.

Odin can be placed in the backyard to act as a statue that combines everyday nature with magical mystical creatures, or this sculpture can be used as a creative table for holding a cold drink on a hot, summer day. Expect this functional greenman to also be a hit at summer garden parties.

Another way of combining the creativity of the greenman statue with function is by putting the Greenman Sculptural Garden Wall Font on display. This authentic foundry iron casting is a striking, classic means of holding your favorite flower cuttings.

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