Garden Fairies that Look Ready to Come to Life

Fairies of Stratford: Blowing a Kiss SculptureFairies hold a secret place in the heart of many a gardener. We first heard of their imaginary existence in enchanting, magical bedtime stories and fantasy-themed films. We came to know them better through fantasy genre books and beautiful garden sculptures. Although we have only seen them in our imagination, how many of us wish that they were real?

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a squadron of fairies come out at night to weed the garden and make our flowers grow? Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear the giggles of sprites issued from the shadows of trees on star-filled summer nights? Unfortunately, it's only going to happen in our dreams but certain garden statuary does help us come close to bringing fairies into existence.

The Fairies of Stratford are at the top of the list when it comes to realistic fairy sculptures. It's easy to see that artist Evelyn Myers Hartley has a fondness for fairies because her sculptures are about as realistic as one can get without actually having those little magical creatures zipping around the backyard on translucent wings. Painted in beautiful pastels and sculpted with absolute grace, both the Blowing a Kiss Fairy and the Taking Flight Fairy must be two of the most exquisite, lifelike fairy statues in existence.

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