Garden Gnome, Garden Fairy and a Little Love

Our Weekend Sale starting June 24th and ending June 26th will be in our classic garden selection and may include some items such as our garden fairy statues.  Please come and browse this weekend for all garden statues and certainly for those that are 20% off.

Weekend Sale June 24th through June 26th
Plowing Pete on His Tractor Garden Gnome StatueOne of our beloved garden fairies is the Mushroom Fairy Solid Bronze Garden Statue.   This lovely fairy is sitting atop a mushroom for a little rest before flying away again.  The statue is over 2 feet tall and covered with a marvelous antique verdigris patina. 

The industrious garden statue gnomes are not in the weekend sale, however they are always a joy to visit and you may just want to take one home with you anyway.  The gnomes do everything in the garden from hoeing and planting to sleeping and dreaming.  This garden gnome has gotten up on his tractor and is making some new furrows for planting.  He is Plowing Pete on his Tractor Garden Gnome wearing his red gnome hat and giving everyone a salute as he plows away.

This is June and wedding season is in full swing and will probably continue into many more months.  If you are looking for a nice remembrance statue for a couple that has just gotten married or is perhaps celebrating their first anniversary, take a look at our Basil Street Gallery.  Here we have Moments in Matrimony Porcelain Wedding Statue.   This is a hand painted porcelain statue depicting the bride and groom with wonderful flowers around them done in outstanding colors.

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