Garden Statuary also Includes Bridges

When most people think of statues or sculptures for the backyard, items like garden fairies or maybe a stone lion come to mind. As valid as these statues are for every garden, they only represent a fraction of the sculptures that can add personality to a backyard. While exquisite statues of fairies hide among the The Halfpence Cobblestone Bridgeflowerbeds, and scenery and animals immortalized in bronze liven up open spaces, bridges provide one of the nicer additions to a garden. 

Although a real, stone bridge that can be used by people for crossing streams and ponds would be ideal, it might also cost just as much as putting a new addition onto your home or business. Luckily, you don't have to construct an entire, life-sized bridge to add one to the backyard. The Halfpence Cobblestone Bridge is a beautiful sculpture that can be placed over a trickle of water or a miniature gully. It might be too small for you to use but would work just fine for fairies and gnomes. With its cobblestone texture, this miniature replica of an old English bridge adds quaint realism to any garden.

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