Garden Statuary and National Be an Angel Day

In God's Grace Angel StatueNational be an Angel day is officially here and while you carry out good, angelic deeds, don't forget to save on angel and cherub items from Design Toscano. To mark this positive day, you get a 15% discount on all of our angel and cherubs when ordering them today, August 22nd. Save on a classic, truly angelic faux stone garden angel like the Angel of Patience. The peaceful, eternal look on the face of this angel and her open wings reminds us that those who know how to be patient always move forward in life.

If you think your garden could use sculptures that are a bit more adorable in appearance, you can't go wrong with the absolutely beautiful In God's Grace Angel Statue. The details on this cherubic sculpture are incredibly realistic while the content look on her face is the definition of peaceful joy.

Although angels often represent happiness and joy, sculptures of heavenly beings from Victorian days were typically sad, contemplative, or in mourning. They were usually placed in cemetaries but some also found their homes in gardens and you can do the same with sculptures like the beautiful  Angel of Grief Monument Statue.

Get 15% off all angel and cherub items when ordering them by the end of today, August 22nd.

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