Garden Statuary for a Backyard Fountain

Every garden deserves a fountain. There is something about bubbling water that soothes the mind and The Baby Fur Seal Statuespeaks of peace eternal. Such ingredients are perfect for meditation, relieving stress, and reading a great book in your favorite backyard chair. Fountains are sculptures all on their own but  they look even better when complemented with the right type of garden statues. Animal garden sculptures in particular can create fun, backyard scenes when paired with artistic fountains.

The Masked Fisherman Raccoon from Design Toscano is one such statue. In nature, raccoons love to catch fish and crustaceans in wetland habitats but none have mastered the art of fishing like this clever bandit. Pole in hand and wicker creel waiting at its feet, it eyes the fish it has caught with determined, hungry eyes.

Another animal yard statue that looks right at home next to a fountain or pool is the Baby Fur Seal statue. Walking along on its flippers, the innocent expression on the face of this very realistic sculpture will melt hearts and add a tender touch to every fountain scene. From its wet nose to the lifelike whiskers, the details of this resin statue are truly amazing.

Create the perfect fountain scene with these and other outdoor items from Design Toscano.



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