Garden Statuary for a Spa

The Goddess Harmonia: Stone Finish Contemporary Nude Life-Size StatueThe spa is a place we escape to for rejuvenation and regeneration. The stress free nature and relaxing activities of a spa are just as healing for the mind as they are for the body and for many of us they can represent a little piece of Shangri-La before we head back to the work and toil of our everyday lives. For these reasons, the decor used in a spa is just as important as the massages and other healing processes that take place. In a sense, they are a bit like a well maintained and decorated garden only much more extensive in nature.

Those people who own a spa are certainly aware of this and most make efforts to endow their business with appropriate decor. Statues usually take the form of graceful, relaxing pieces that add to the peaceful, pleasant atmosphere. These are sculptures like the lifesize and lifelike Goddess Harmonia sculpture. This five and a half foot statue is lifecast and shows why the human body can be the most beautiful and graceful of works of art.

The peace and reenergizing nature of flowing water also makes it a common component of spas. Outdoor garden water fountains are therefore an important aspect of spa decor and sculptural fonts like our stunning Hebe, the Goddess of Youth Garden Fountain are frequently seen.

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