Garden Statuary for an Animal Friendly Backyard

In Nature's Sanctuary St. Francis Garden SculptureBackyards and gardens act as valuable, personal green space in places where concrete and asphalt have replaced natural habitats. A bit of nature does wonders for the mind and body. Backyard greenery provides a breath of fresh air, a peaceful place to forget about and relieve stress, and a sanctuary for wildlife. Granted, for most people, the wildlife that visit the backyard come in the form of sparrows, pigeons, squirrels, and other common animals. Although people with backyards that abut national forests and large wild areas may see deer or even bears (!) behind the house, more commonly seen animals still count as wildlife and are just as pleasing to have in the backyard.

Although planting trees and bushes that provide shelter for animals are the best means of attracting them to your backyard, some sculptures for outside show that your garden is a sanctuary for wildlife. The statue that perhaps best demonstrates appreciation for animals is the In Nature's Sanctuary St. Francis Garden Sculpture. Flanked by doves, a squirrel, and with a lamb at his feet, the patron saint of all wild creatures has a peaceful, happy expression as he sits on a log in your backyard.

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