Garden Statuary for Terrifying Halloween Themes

Outbreak of the Undead Zombie StatueWith October 31st a little more than a month away, it's time to make a decision about Halloween decor. If you decide to focus on the undead, do you go with vampires or zombies? Do you turn the backyard into the horrifying laboratory of a mad scientist or make it into giant spider central? Of course you can always mix and match these and other themes but you should know if appropriate decor is available before settling on any particular decorating theme.

We carry a number of excellent detailed decorations to compliment a wide variety of Halloween decorating themes. If you decide to go with zombies, our terrifying Zombie of Montclaire Moors and Outbreak of the Undead Zombie Statue will send shivers down the spines of the bravest of guests. Both of these realistic items look as if they are clawing their way out of the ground!

Several of our animal garden statues will also put the fright into trick-or-treaters and and other unwary visitors. Put out the incredibly realistic Grand Scale Crocodile Statue, though, and they might not make it to your front door.

Find these, the best Bigfoot garden statue, and other fantastic Halloween Halloween decor at Design Toscano. Save 20% on decor until September 24th!

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