Garden Statuary for the Backyard Naturalist

Mother Nature: Maiden of the Forest StatueGardens are places to grow plants that help feed the family and add beauty to your backyard. We plant, clip, and manage the vegetation that shoots up out of the ground but it's also worth it to let some parts of a big backyard grow wild. While many would refer to certain species of fast-growing plants as "weeds", botanists and nature lovers might call them, "early successional plants". Let those grow in the corner of a backyard and you might be surprised at the birds that show up. Letting the trees grow large and wild will also attract different types of birds and provides homes for squirrels and, sometimes, bats (easy, natural insect control).

Put up bird boxes and they will be used. Set up outdoor garden water fountains and you will be amazed at the numbers and types of birds that show up for a bath. Sculptures that help wildlife are always appreciated by those who love a natural backyard, but animal garden statues also work as exciting, detailed decor.

Another statue that is perfect for every nature lover is Mother Nature: Maiden of the Forest. Holding doves of peace and wearing a berry and ivy decorated gown, she is a representation of the enchanting, magical side of nature.

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