Garden Statuary for the Gardener

Fanny & Frank Farmer Garden StatueBackyards can also be called gardens but that doesn't necessarily mean that any gardening is going on. That might sound like a riddle but it's absolutely true. Someone can have a backyard pathway flanked by regal Greek garden statues and animal garden statues to make guests feel as if they are walking through the Garden of Eden but if there isn't any careful cultivation of plants, the act of gardening is not taking place. Some readers may raise their voices in protest and state that a "garden" can take many definitions but in all honesty, it seems like a real garden is one where plants are grown for food or decoration.

Definitions of "garden" aside, millions of people tend to flowerbeds, rows of tomatoes, herbs, patches of garlic, taro, and whatever else needs cultivation. These are the true gardeners and they deserve their own set of sculptures. Garden fairies always make for a welcome addition to the cultivated corners of backyards because according to legend, those mischievous creatures use their magic to make plants grow, bloom, and bear fruit. Sculptures of gardeners such as the Fanny and Frank Farmer Garden Statues are also a perfect fit for beautiful flowerbeds or rows of vegetables.

Buy these and other beautiful statues for gardeners from now until Tuesday, September 4th and can 29% off the regular price!

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