Garden Statuary Frogs

Thurston, the Frog, Garden Rock Sitting Toad StatueFrogs are some of the more endearing amphibians on the planet. While many of us would rather not touch the clammy skin of those cold-blooded creatures, we enjoy seeing these peaceful looking animals at a garden pond or on a rainforest hike. Their large eyes and wide, faintly smiling mouths give them an innocent look that many people find appealing. That rather cute look is easily adopted by frog-themed, resin garden statues and they make a cheerful addition to any yard.

Get Thurston, the Garden Rock Sitting Toad to add some color to the backyard pond. This realistic amphibian statue shows the same large, bulging eyes, half smile, and webbed feet as an actual frog. Hand painted in bright green and highlighted with subtle yellows and blues, this animal yard statue will demand attention in any backyard.

Pair Thurston with the equally colorful and realistic Ribbit the Frog Garden Statue. Although Ribbit doesn't sit on top of a stone, his crouched stance and bright eyes show that he is just as ready for jumping action as Thurston.

If you would rather put a more comical frog statue on display, you can't go wrong with the cute pair of Boogie Down, Dancing Frogs! Have these frogs strike a pose in the backyard to entertain guests and add some easy-going fun to the garden.

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