Gargoyle Gifts for Gothic Friends

Emmett the Gargoyle SculptureSome people with friends or family who enjoy all things Gothic have a hard time finding gifts for them. They shop in average stores and the closest thing they find to Medieval home decor are a few old chairs or Halloween decorations. To truly find Gothic gifts, you can't look for them in an average store. You need to shop at a place that excels in unique decor and that's why Design Toscano is the absolute best place for buying gifts with Gothic flair.

If your acquaintances who enjoy all things Gothic are like other people who collect decor that can be categorized as such, they probably love gargoyles. Perhaps the most signature of Gothic decor, their fanged, clawed, intimidating appearance makes for an excellent addition to any Gothic-themed backyard.

You will find one of the cutest, most nonchalant gargoyles in the form of Emmet the Gargoyle Sculpture. Available only from Design Toscano, this little gargoyle is modeled after similar small gargoyles found on Gothic style churches in France.

For a much more frightening display of gargoyle prowess, buy Talysus the Terrible! The outstretched, bat-like wings and sneering grin of this beast make it look ready to pounce at any moment!

Find these excellent sculptures, dozens of other high quality gargoyle statues, and the best in Gothic-themed gifts at Design Toscano.

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