Gargoyles and Gothic Tables

Nightfall Sculptural Gargoyle ChandelierSome of the best medieval statuary is that done of gargoyles, many of whom surrounded castle turrets and guarded castle entries.  These were detailed carvings of creatures that were created to scare even the most stouthearted knight.  Many people using a medieval theme enjoy having these creatures around their home and our gargoyle figurines such as the Nightfall Sculptural Gargoyle Chandelier would be a great addition to a home with this theme.  This Design Toscano exclusive is a gargoyle with a very scary face and broad wings, his claws are holding the light and he is marvelously detailed in designer resin.

Celadon, the Sculptural Mp3 Player SentryOur Gothic tables are also wonderful additions to a medieval theme; so many of them are exquisitely carved with creatures that were popular during that historical time.  The Lord Raffles Lion Tea Table is just the right size to place anywhere in a room as an occasional table.  It has wing lions carved in hardwood around the top and the legs end on pawed feet.  This is a beautiful piece.

All of us have some friends that appreciate the slightly offbeat thing and our gargoyle gifts are designed with just those people in mind.   If you have a friend who is a fiend for an MP3 player then they should enjoy Celedon, the Sculptural MP3 Player Sentry Not everyone has a greatly sculpted gargoyle to guard their MP3 player.

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