Gargoyles Will Serve As Your Personal Bodyguard

Medieval Marauder Gargoyle StatueThere are few people who aren’t security conscious today, and rightfully so. But why spend a fortune on an alarm system, if you can add the ferocity and protection that a gargoyle does?  The simple addition of a gargoyle in your home is not just a status symbol, but a symbol that beckons the gods of protection to serve over your home.  Gargoyle figurines or a gargoyle sculpture that is appropriately placed may be all the security system you need to protect your cherished space.

Every home needs a good sentinel, and a gargoyle creation outside your home such as our Boden Gargoyle Sentinel will serve just that purpose 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This is a two foot tall masterpiece that is ready to work in your garden or entrance way, keeping away any evil spirits trying to work their way into your peace.

And if you already have all of the gargoyles you need in your home, gargoyle gifts can serve as the perfect holiday gift of protection.  Something as simple as our authentic iron gargoyle bottle opener will be the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday present for the man on your list that has everything.

Whether it is for you or for somebody else, a gargoyle present is the perfect presence in any home that needs protection from evil spirits.

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