Get 15% off New Arrivals of Garden Statuary!

Today marks the start of the Spring and Summer new arrivals sale at Design Toscano. From now until Thursday, May 17th, you get 15% off every new arrival! Be proactive and save on fantastic new items The Topiary Tree Collection: Conedestined to spice up and bring magic to your backyard, home, or business.

If you ever wanted to add the sculpted look of topiary to your place but weren't so keen on putting in the painstaking time and effort it takes to make them, now you can buy replicas of topiary from Design Toscano! The Topiary Tree Collection Cone is so realistic that you will be tempted to water it but once you put it up, you won't need to do anothing more than admire this beautiful item. Also, since it's a new arrival, you get 15% off the price when buying it from now until Thursday, May 17th.

Another great new arrival at Design Toscano is the Victorian-style Birdcage Candleholder. This unique, functional objet d'art will be a beautiful way to add lighting to a romantic garden dinner on a warm summer's eve. It also looks just as nice when used in the bath.

Order these and other new arrivals from now until Thursday, May 17th and get 15% off the regular price!


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