Get 20% off Egyptian Art and Everything Else at Design Toscano!

King Tutankhamen Wall SculptureToday marks the start of our End of the Year sale and that means 20% off everything on our site from December 27th until January 2nd! It's a chance to save on stunning Egyptian home decor, exquisite resin garden statues, and the beautiful objets d'art and decor in the Basil Street Gallery.

Buy beautiful decor like the eye-catching Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall Pediment and the breathtaking King Tutankhamen Wall Sculpture. Both of these sculptures will make a statement on the walls of your home and office and are replicas of ancient Egyptian works of art. While visitors and clients will probably recognize the King Tutankhamen sculpture, you can tell them that the wall pediment is a "Ur-Uatchti", a winged sun disk meant to protect Egyptian temples against evil.

Save on unique garden statuary like our Snapping Swamp Gator, Bigfoot, and dramatic sculptures of  angels. The Snapping Swamp Gator is an incredibly lifelike resin representation of an angry alligator. Put it next to the pool to fascinate and entertain your garden guests. Get one of our signature detailed Bigfoot sculptures and neighbors might report sightings of the Great American Ape from your backyard. Our angel collection is simply breathtaking and includes statues for every type of backyard.

Order these and other items from Design Toscano between today and January 2nd and get 20% off the regular price as part of our End of the Year sale! 

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