Get 20% Off Greek Garden Statues and Other Sculptures for the Backyard

The artists of ancient Greece had very impressive skills as sculptors. Unlike the Renaissance artists, it's a The Four Goddesses of the Seasons Statuesshame that we know so very little about the people who created the statues for ancient Greek gardens and temples. The realism of their work is so incredible that they influenced tales of a snake-coiffed Gorgon who could change people into stone with just one look into her eyes. Although the names of those ancient artists have been mostly lost to the sands of time, their legacy has lived on with resin garden statues made in the same classic style.

Most such classic statuary depicts members of the Greek pantheon and magical creatures like fawns and dryads. Given the importance of the subject matter, it's no wonder that Greek artists often gave them a noble, serene appearance, and beautiful bodies. They also typically placed them on a pedestal and this is the best way to display the Four Goddesses of the Seasons. Each of these beautiful, immortal Goddesses represents her respective season with subtle differences in stance and objects carried in elegant hands.

For an equally majestic, more powerful sculpture, put a grand scale statue of Poseidon on display! With tall trident in hand and stern look on his face, Poseidon shows that he means business.

Order these, the best in garden fairies, and all other garden statuary from now until Sunday, November 11th, and get 20% off the regular price!

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