Get an Extra 10% Off These Great Japanese Garden Statues!

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculpturePicking a theme for decorating the garden isn't easy. Animal garden statues can add a wild, natural touch to any backyard but classic statuary gives your place an ancient, eternal appearance. Angels are synonymous with peace and magical mischief is associated with garden fairies. Then there are the garden decorating themes that are meant to turn the entire backyard into a veritable work of art. This is one of the goals of an Asian-themed garden and the Japanese garden in particular excels at it.

Carefully placed stones and trees patiently trimmed with expert clippers are vital parts of every Japanese garden but no Asian-themed backyard is complete without a few quality statues. Get the Giant Buddha Monument sculpture for your garden and its peaceful demeanor will emanate throughout the backyard. Buy it from today until July 22nd and get an extra 10% off the sales price.

If the backyard could use a more rotund, happier Buddha, the Jolly Hotei Buddha Statue would cheer up a garden in the middle of a thunderstorm. Raising Chinese gold pieces above his head with outstretched arms and gleefully smiling from ear to ear, this large Buddha statue is supposed to bring good fortune to all who put him on display.

Get 10% off these and other on sale items until July 22nd as part of our Mid-Summer Clearance Sale.  


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