Get Beautiful Garden Statuary Horse Sculptures for Home and Business

Majestic Mustang Horse SculptureIt's just about impossible not to like horses. People from cultures around the globe have appreciated, respected, and loved these majestic animals for thousands of years. They have proved themselves to be invaluable for pursuits as disparate as farming, racing, and war, and have a gentle yet strong appearance that captures our attention. Although the importance of the horse has decreased many fold since the invention of the automobile, these maned beauties continue to be cherished, ridden, and used for work by millions.

Showcase the wild beauty of these regal animals with the Majestic Mustang Horse Sculpture. By showing a Mustang rearing up on its hind legs and neighing into the air, this statue captures the wild, untamed spirit of the Mustang with realistic details. A pair of these inspirational horse sculptures also work well when flanking the entranceway to a fine restaurant or western-themed store.

Aficionados of all things Equine will love the Wild Horse Stampede Wall Frieze. This high-relief frieze is a beautifully detailed, dramatic depiction of wild, racing horses. Complement it with the Horse of Turino Sculpture, a replica of an 18th century beautiful bust of an Italian horse.

Prints and replicas of paintings of horses such as "Fierce Grace" by Tony Stromberg and "The Horse Fair" by Rosa Bonheur also act as beautiful wall decor for the home and the office.

Find beautiful horse-themed decor, dramatic animal garden statues, and a large selection of high quality resin garden statues at Design Toscano.

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