Get Ground-Creeping Garden Statuary for Halloween!

Outbreak of the Undead Zombie StatueOctober is here and Halloween is coming! Get ready for the creepiest day of the year (and one of the most exciting) with Halloween decor that leaves all of your guests impressed. Gargoyle figurines that hang off the walls and sneer at guests will always be a hit but some of the scariest of decorations are those that come clawing out of the ground.

Dare Halloween guests to enter your home with the Outbreak of the Undead Statue! With hungry, undead eyes, this rotting, green zombie outstretches an arm tipped with clawed hand to grasp at all passersby. You can bet that most will be giving this realistic ground sculpture a wide berth!

Combine the Outbreak of the Undead Statue with our equally realistic and horrific Zombie of Mountclaire Moors Sculpture for the beginnings of a zombie army in the garden. The pained, angry look on the face of this creature tells guests that they are dealing with one dangerous character. Arms bent with rigor mortis and an unnatural gray skin pallor lend realism to this fantastic sculpture.

Yet another disturbing garden ground sculpture is the Dweller Below. As he comes up out of his sewer dwelling, the sinister look on the face of this creature hints at his evil intentions.

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