Get Ready for Halloween with Gargoyle Figurines!

Gaston, the Climbing Gothic Gargoyle StatueWith little more than a month to go until Halloween, the time has definitely arrived to to start shopping for spooky decor! Every year, we try to outdo the neighbors with scary decorations but it seems like many of us end up with similar decor time and time again. Those ghostly decorations might look fantastic but they kind of lose their edge when the guy next door is doing the same thing. This year, try outdoing the neighbors by shopping somewhere different.

Instead of going for the same old gravestones and cut-outs of "booing" ghosts and witches in the windows, put up a few garden gargoyles and watch the neighbors scream in delight. Greet party guests, passersby, and trick-or-treaters with Gaston, the Gothic Climbing Gargoyle. Lifelike and detailed, Gaston grins with anticipation and looks ready to reach out and grab the nearest unfortunate soul with a muscled, claw-tipped arm.

For an even more sinister looking garden gargoyle statue, put Beezlebub, the Prince of Demons on display! True to its name, this is one evil looking character. With clawed extremities and short, bat-like wings, this master of malice sits on his pedestal and contemplates his next evil move with an evil, ugly, fanged grin.

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