Giant Insects in the Backyard?

There are plenty of ways to add a bit of pizzazz to the backyard. A huge Bigfoot statue will make all Oversized Dragonfly & Butterfly Wall Sculpturespassersby look twice and some will probably start taking pictures with their mobile devices. Greenmen are less obvious but just as interesting and give personality to your trees. Of course there are also dozens of elegant fairy and angel statues to choose from. When shopping at Design Toscano, the possibilities seem endless and especially so when you check out the new, creative items available in the Spring catalog.

A couple of new items that will pep up any backyard are the oversized butterfly and dragonfly wall sculptures. With a two foot wingspan, these insects would have looked right at home in a forest stalked by dinosaurs. Metal sculptures that are built to last, both the dragonfly and butterfly will brighten your backyard or solarium for years. Their bright colors glitter in the sunlight just like the insects that were the inspiration for this garden decor. Glass cabochons on their wings give them a jeweler's touch while their detailed appearance is sure to draw the eye of every garden guest.

Find these unique items, exquisite garden statuary, and other fantastic decor for the backyard in the new arrivals page of the Design Toscano website.

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