Give an Animal Sculpture to Your Favorite Survivor Fan

The popular CBS television show has created quite the kingdom of Survivor lovers all over the world.  Many fans of this show have attempted to recreate their own world of Survivor through their home décor.  If you have a Survivor fan on your gift giving list this holiday season, there are ways that you can honor that for them by giving them a gift that is sure not to be replicated by someone else.  Here are some suggestions!

Prowling Tiger StatueThe African themed season of Survivor is one that is loved and remembered well by most fans.  The livestock shown in that season is one of the most symbolic and memorable components of that season.  What better way to put a little bit of Survivor Africa into the home of a recipient than through a gift such as a tiger sculpture or outdoor animal statues?

Outdoor elephant statues for a Survivor fan will serve many purposes as well, especially if they are also a gardener!  Elephants are not just symbolic to Africa, but symbolic of hope and wellness upon a home as well, and the perfect and affordable gift for the Survivor fan on your list.

If you want to give a gift that will truly be remembered, not just through the holiday season, but all year long as well, animal statues or gifts will be cherished by any Survivor fan on your list.  Make a wild statement without using a wild budget and give the perfect gift at the same time!

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