Go for a Sci-Fi Theme with Alien Garden Statuary this Halloween Season!

Who says that all things spooky need to come crawling out of the grave? While the idea of zombies Crash Landing Flying Saucer Alien Spacecraft Statuecreeping up and out of the dark earth isn't exactly for the faint of heart, those undead creeps don't have a monopoly on scare tactics! Beings from other planets can vie with zombies and even the most hideous of gargoyle figurines when it comes to terrifying us. Although at least a few aliens shown on the silver screen have been downright adorable, many more are the stuff of nightmares.

In terms of terror and originality, an alien invasion is an excellent idea for a Halloween decorating theme. But where on Earth can you find decor that truly looks as if it comes from beyond the Kuiper Belt? Well, where else but Design Toscano? Aliens sculptures fit right in with realistic Bigfoot statues and creeping zombies, so of course we carry them!

Start the alien decorating with a sculpture of a flying saucer that just happened to make a crash landing in your garden. Put this very eerie statue in the backyard and you can rename your place "Roswell Two" or "The Real Area 151". When guests ask where the pilot is, direct them to the alien coming out of your wall!

Find these and other frighteningly realistic Halloween decor items at Design Toscano today!

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