Go Gothic with Wall Sculptures

Wall sculptures are an excellent addition to the decorating theme of any home. Almost like a Double Trouble Hanging Gargoyle Sculpturecross between a painting and a statue, they add texture to the wall and bring your house to life. Partly for this reason, Gothic Décor works especially well in the form of wall sculptures.

While gargoyles are classic Gothic statues that can guard doors into your home and into your bedroom, they look even better when they appear to be hanging off a wall. The Double Trouble Hanging Gargoyle can act as both a guardian to a doorway and as an intriguing decoration on an otherwise bare wall. There are also gargoyle figurines and dragons that look as if they are running up the wall!

Speaking of dragons, put up the Morgoth Castle Dragons wall sculpture for an exciting, frightening scene of vengeful dragons bursting out of the wall in flight with a haunting castle as a backdrop. As realistic as the dragons in that sculpture look, however, they can't compare to trophy dragon skulls hanging in the den! Don't be surprised if guests insist on inspecting these detailed sculptures and some might even ask where you shot them!

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