Gods and Goddesses

Birth of Venus Garden StatueThe ancient gods and goddesses were always so reverently and gloriously sculpted that the replicas of these sculpture make beautiful décor pieces.  In the Design Toscano Basil Street Gallery we have many of these gorgeous pieces that are sized just right for a table top display.  One of the best of these is the Gods of Ancient Egypt Sculpture: Anubis and Horus.  These sculptures are cast in resin and set on plinths surrounded by hieroglyphs.  They can be bought separately or as a set.

The Greek garden statues devoted to the Greek gods and goddesses are marvelous in any outdoor space and are sculpted in marble.  They always sculpted women as totally beautiful and the goddesses were certainly no exception.  A great one is the Birth of Venus Garden Statue. This statue of Venus stands two feet tall and is depicted coming out of a shell and standing in front of it on a small stand.  She is another marvelous Design Toscano exclusive.

We carry many indoor and outdoor depictions of gods and goddesses and some are in our Gothic tables section.  The beautiful Greek muses are the goddesses of science, poetry and art.  They are sculpted dancing on a round base and as The Muses Sculptural Glass-Topped Table they are holding up an 18 inch beveled glass top.  This is a wonderful table for entertaining.

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