Gods and Sentries

In these days of worrying about security and safety, Design Toscano even has décor that will protect your home.  For the wall in your garden you could possibly place our Greek God of the Sea: Poseidon Wall Sculpture near your garden entry.  This great god is depicted with excellent ant Foo Dog of the Forbidden City Sculpturedetail with his hair swirling in the sea and his fearsome facial features would make anyone beware of the god in your yard.

There are many Asian gods of protection and some within our Japanese garden statues.  All the Asian cultures look to animal gods often and the famous Chinese foo dogs are certainly some of the fiercest of these.  Our Giant Foo Dog of the Forbidden City Sculpture is another Design Toscano exclusive.  This sculpture is set on a plinth and is ferocious of face with an orb on his collar guaranteed to keep out all unwanted guests. 

All throughout history gargoyles have been placed on castle walls and gates to keep away those who do not belong.  These creatures have frightful faces and expressions, great wings and sharp claws.  The Design Toscano sentry is Trystan, Gargoyle Sentry of the Night Sculpture.  This creature of our gargoyle figurine collection has wide wings and a fearsome look.  He is crouched on a stone column ready to fly at all that is more evil than he is.

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