Gorilla Animal Garden Sculptures

The Lowland Gorillas Mother & Child Great Ape StatueAnimal garden statues add a beautiful, natural touch to the backyard. They can take the form of super cute statues of smiling frogs or rabbits to absolutely lethal looking predators like panthers or a giant Burmese Python. There are also statues that show many of our planet's most noble creatures and when they are depicted in accurate detail, they pay homage to Earth's incredible biodiversity.

One of the most special animals on the planet is the Gorilla. This gentle giant resembles humans in a number of ways but seems to generally be a lot more quiet and peaceful. Mostly herbivorous, Gorillas like to pass away the day by munching on edible leaves, shoots, and plant stems. They prefer to be left alone but some groups have become accustomed to people and are regularly visited on ecotours. Participants are reminded to never look in the eyes of the large primates because the apes see it as a sign of aggression and the head male of the group won't hesitate to use his massive strength to protect his family!

Show the amazing beauty and grace of the Gorilla with one of our detailed statues that accurately depict these great apes. The Lowland Gorilla Mother and Child Great Ape Statue is a tender and accurate representation of this magnificent animal while the Giant Male Silverback Statue captures the essence of the Gorilla with larger than life detail.

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