Gothic Décor for the Dragonhunter

Manchester's Dragon Bones Sculptural Skull Wall TrophyDragons are some of the most mysterious fabled creatures in the world. Cultures on opposite sides of the globe have legends and stories about scaled beasts that either take to the sky on huge wings or slither about like a giant serpent. Some are good and some are bad but all are known as dragons. The legends of these mythical beasts live on on in modern films, fantasy novels, and the homes of people who love Medieval Home Decor.

A big part of the dragon legend involves the hunting of these fire-breathing monsters. Saint George got one back in the English Middle Ages because it was menacing the neighborhood sheep. In other stories, a knight slays the dragon to save the princess while some other tales depict dragons that are just too smart and crafty to kill.

Although live dragons are only found in dreams, books, and on the silver screen, there are Gothic decorations that help to keep the legend of the dragonhunter alive. The Horned Dragon Skull wall trophy is one such item and its realism will help embellish and give life to many a dragon hunting tale. Compliment that scary looking skull by putting up the Manchester Dragon Bones Sculptural Skull Wall Trophy in another room and your reputation as a slayer of dragons will be secure.

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