Gothic Décor Lighting for Halloween

The Grim Reaper Illuminated Wall SculptureLighting often gets overlooked as part of Halloween decor. Although the front porch might be decked out with an impressive display of jack-o-lanterns and illuminated skeletons, the inside of the home uses the same old torchieres and lamps as it does on every holiday. To add that extra touch of fright that makes your party one that guests will always remember, use sculptural lighting that both entertains and captures the Halloween spirit.

The Grim Reaper Illuminated Wall Sculpture will provide light for a dark hallway in the grimmest of fashions! With wicked, toothy grin, this detailed hooded skeleton will provide your guests with the most foreboding of welcomes. The ball of light in its hands lends illumination for guests while bathing the Reaper in an eerie glow!

On another wall in need of lighting, instead of setting up a boring lamp, put up "Merciless", the Gargoyle Lighted Wall Sculpture. With ball of light in his clawed, vile hands, this most disturbing of gargoyle figurines looks like he probably prefers the dark. Whether due to the light or the presence of so many guests, he doesn't seem the slightest bit happy! His mouth is open in a snarl, his eyes are livid with rage, and the veins stand out on his muscled arms as he tenses before striking out.

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