Gothic Decor and Pubs - Who Knew?

Tewkesbury Inn PubSo, if you read our blog a lot, then you know we specialize in Gothic decor and Egyptian decorations, but did you know that we also have English pubs?

Adding a beautiful British pub to the home becomes a reality with our Tewkesbury Inn Pub. Crafted from beautiful, honey-stained, distressed pine, this full scale bar will make you feel as if you are serving locally brewed stout in the English West Midlands.

We got the inspiration for this fantastic, functional decor during travels in the English countryside. After one long day of hiking along quaint country roads and admiring antique Victorian garden sculptures, a visit to a cozy pub was just what the doctor ordered. The experience and beauty of that pub made such an impression that we decided to make our own, smaller version.

The tall canopy has dozens of holders for stemmed glasses, and the mirror-backed bar adds to its authentic look. Once word gets out about your pub, don't be surprised if guests come knocking on your door in search of good conversation accompanied by a fresh ale!

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