Gothic Decor is More Affordable Than You Think

Gothic Revival Octagonal Side TableWhen it comes to Gothic decor, the first image that many people think of is a castle like theme with dark and expensive pieces.  The truth is, decorating Gothic style can be performed in just a few minutes on any budget at all.  You can embody the extravagance of the Gothic era without embodying the Gothic era budget as well.  Here are some great ideas for Gothic decorations that will keep your budget on guard.

Gothic tables came in all shapes and sizes in their 500 year history, and our Gothic revival octagonal side table is just one example of that.  This is a piece that nobody in your neighborhood will be able to replicate, as it is truly an antique look that was only seen centuries ago.  Add it with something as affordable as our King Arthur Golden Cup and create a focal point that will leave any of your guests green with envy.

Another way to add a medieval or Gothic touch is through gargoyle figurines strategically placed throughout your home.  These figures are figures of protection, and whether you add some gargoyle art, or something as clever as a gargoyle toilet paper holder, you create a Gothic touch without going overboard.

When it comes to decorating Gothic style, you can go as big or as small as you like while still making the same regal statement.

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