Gothic Figures and Knights Playing Chess

Even if this isn’t the typical season for giving, it is always nice to bring something to a party or if you are a house guest this summer.  Look no further than our gargoyle gifts section for something for the medieval/Gothic fan.  The Grip the Dragon Pewter Gothic Bottle Opener is an inexpensive item that will be the talk of the party.  A finely detailed winged dragon sculpted in pewter sits atop this stainless steel bottle opener that everyone will want to use even if they have twist off caps.

Other gifts can be found in our collection of gargoyle figurines, which are not only visually a little scary, but have a certain utility too.  A piece that can spark up your Gothic Gargoyle Gutter Guardian Downspout Sculpturegutter spout is the Gothic Gargoyle Gutter Guardian Downspout Sculpture.  While the majority of people have ordinary downspout openings, you can have this wide mouthed gargoyle carrying the water from the gutters unto your lawn.  He is a finely detailed, crouching gargoyle with wings that attaches easily to your ordinary downspout.  This will cause comment.

If you are looking for a gift for a friend who loves the medieval times and also loves to play chess, you need to check out The Knights Mortal Conflict Chess Set.  This set comes with a 10” square wood playing board that is also a box to keep the pieces in.  The pieces are of medieval knights with swords and shields, bishops, damsels and pawns done in designer resin.  This is a Design Toscano exclusive.

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