Gothic Time Piece and Stone Garden Angel

Gothic Grains of Time Gargoyle HourglassSometimes going through all the centuries of art and sculpture in Design Toscano is like having a history lesson.  We answer some of the questions such as why gargoyles were on castles and who were the Egyptian gods.  One piece that we have may answer how they kept time in the Gothic period.  This is the Gothic Grains of Time Gargoyle Hourglass which is only one of the marvelous gargoyle gifts we have.  If your friends like gargoyles, this detailed finely sculpted piece is just the thing with four gargoyles on it and inside are the sands through the hourglass.
Many of our customers have meditation areas in their gardens in many different themes from Asian to our stone garden angels.  

The Intercession Angel: Praying Hands Religious Statue is a wonderfully sculpted serene statue of a finely detailed large angel bowing her head in prayer.  The artist has caught a peaceful prayerful look on her face.
You should browse all of our galleries and you will be surprised at the amount of Egyptian art Design Toscano has collected.  We have statues, paintings and intriguing pieces of furniture depicting the Ancient Egyptian style.  One extraordinary piece is the Wadjet Egyptian Wall Mirror with Cobra Sconces.  This lovely mirror is 2 ½ ft. tall and 19 in. wide.  It is hand painted in faux gold leaf and rich Egyptian blue.  The cobras on each side are candle sconces for tapers to provide flattering candle light.

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