Great Outdoor Sculpture

T-Rex Dinosaur Trophy Wall SculptureYour property may be pretty large or you may just love large statues.  We have the wonderful Big Foot garden statue which is so lifelike your neighbors will be calling the local paper about a Big Foot sighting.  Another fun big sculpture although an indoor one is the T-Rex Dinosaur Trophy Wall Sculpture which shows off the head of the dinosaur that you just bagged on your last hunting trip.

Another one of our sizable statues is the large Buddha statue which is sculpted in great detail and yet even with his monumental size he casts a serene feeling all around the area.  This is the Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture and the extra good news is that he is on sale now just in time to enjoy spring in your outdoor space.

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureWe can't talk enough about our outdoor garden water fountains as there is such a great selection and some are even on sale.  The Nature's Blessed Prayer St. Francis Sculptural Fountain is at a great sale price now and is just wonderfully done with the bird on the saint's shoulder and the fountain falls as a river from the side of the display.

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