Greek Gods in Your Yard

Our company does not shirk when it comes to portraying the ancient Greeks and we have several within our marble busts for sale area.  The Greek gods look marvelous when they are well done in detailed sculpture much as if most of their day is spent at the gym.  The Pan, Greek God of the Forest Statueleader of the gods is Zeus and we have Zeus, King of the Greek Gods Bonded Marble Statue on sale right now.  He carries a lightning bolt and keeps all the other Greek statues and gods in the neighborhood in line.

Male Greek garden statues need to be strong, powerful and beautiful and that certainly describes the Farnese Hercules Statue.  Our muscular Hercules is depicted as he rests after one of his strenuous quests in this replica of the famous statue that was made for the emperor Caracalla.  Don't let your male friends get too jealous of him.

"Delightful" is how our smaller joyful statues have been described, especially our garden cherub statues.  Another Greek god statue that we present is the equally delightful Pan, Greek God of the Forest Statue.  Pan is an adorable bronze statue playing his famous flute and entertaining all the forest animals. 

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