Greeks, Cherubs and Gnomes, Oh My!

The Bacchanal Festival ReliefDesign Toscano has so much variety in its statuary and outdoor décor that it is possible to put a few different themes in your outdoor space that all complement each other.  In our wide range of Greek garden statues and bas relief you will find the classic days reflected and also the wild and crazy days that the Greeks were known to indulge in.  The Bacchanal Festival Relief depicts a classic party much like the one that is going on in your backyard and is a quirky crazy piece of sculpture.

Our garden cherub statues are beyond compare in the different ways in which the artists have depicted the cherub form. They are praying, reading, playing in the fountains and curling up a sleeping like little babies.  One sleeping form that is especially nice is the Cradled in Hope Cherub Statue which is sweet and filled with future hope at the same time.

Far East Garden Fighters Gnome Statue: SumoWhat garden or backyard is complete without garden statues gnomes.  Everyone loves a gnome and yet sometimes these guys are up to mischief and other times helping out with the work of the garden.  Nothing is really more unusual than the Far East Garden Statues: Sumo, that's right a sumo wrestling gnome. What could be more fun.

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