Green Lizard Animal Garden Statues

"Veiled Chameleon" StatueLizards are a common sight in warm, sunny climates. They frequent the gardens of Mediterranean villas, and the backyards of homes in desert regions. In tropical countries, geckos also live in people's houses. However, for people who live in places with more northern, temperate climates, lizards are only found in terrariums and the local zoo. Small lizards are a welcome sight just about wherever they occur because these fun little reptiles feed on bugs, many of which are considered to be pests. They don't bother people and with their textured skin and green coloration, look like living animal sculptures.

However, even if you live in Alaska, you can still add the beauty and unique personality of garden lizards to the home and backyard with realistic lizard statues. Get the Giant Garden Gecko Lizard sculpture and you can decorate the walls of garden and home interior with a big green, glossy, yellow-toed Gecko. This striking lizard statue is slightly over a yard in length and makes a beautiful, unique statement as it hangs head-down on your wall.

Complement that big green gecko with a lifelike statue of a beautiful chameleon. Although our Veiled Chameleon can't change its colors, its mesmerizing shades of green and blue will blend in with the greenery in your backyard.

Add unique flair to your summer garden with these and other beautiful animal garden sculptures from Design Toscano.

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