Greenmen and Greenwomen for the Garden

The Somerset Greenwoman SculptureGreenman statues harken back to another time and place where ancient trees were believed to host spirits. Magicians and priests of forgotten belief systems carried out ceremonies to communicate with the tree spirits for advice on all sorts of matters. In order to literally give a face to those special trees, artists crafted wooden carvings that blended the face of a person with leaves and branches. Those greenman sculptures eventually became a popular type of decor for the doors and walls of estates, castles, and even pubs. If you keep an eye out for greenmen while traveling through Europe, you can still find iron and old wooden versions on the doors of old inns, bars, pubs, and other structures.

However, in addition to greenmen, there are also greenwomen and these can also be found in Victorian gardens and a variety of old European sites. Continue the tradition of greenwoman statues by putting the Somerset Greenwoman Sculpture on display. This striking work of art captures the essence of the ancient greenman statue in the form of a haunting green face surrounded by oak leaves.

For a more startling and scary greenwoman statue, try the Poison Ivy Forest Witch. With clawed, stick-like arms and hands, leaf tongue, and oak leaf hair poking out from under a witch hat, this large greenwoman will make an impression on all garden guests.

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