Greenmen for the Winter Months

Whispering Wilhelm Tree Ent SculptureThe cold months have started in many parts of the USA and Canada. Snow has already fallen in some areas and December is just a couple weeks away. The transition from warm weather to freezing cold is perhaps best demonstrated by the appearance of the backyard. Trees have gone from being cloaked in a crown of greenery to becoming stark, bare, woody skeletons. Not that you would need it during December, but they no longer provide any degree of shade and the few birds that perch in their branches stand out against the cold, pale sky.

Nevertheless, the stark landscape in the garden doesn't mean that it can't be decorated. It's a matter of using different decor and the beauty of some items can become more apparent after the leaves drop. Greenman sculptures like Whispering Wilhelm the Tree Ent can be easier to see and help to remind you that your favorite hybernating Maple or Oak is alive and well.

The Spirit of Nottingham is another Greenman sculpture that captures the essence of the "tree spirit" with long, woody nose and piercing, aged eyes. Designed to blend in with tree bark, this sculpture helps to give a face to any type of tree.

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